Rules in English : Tango de Pista


The association “Tango en Seine”, represented by its President Patrice Chainet organizes the International Tango Championship 2021. Tango Salón  are include.

Any amateur or professional, French or foreign can compete.

Unisex couples are welcome.

The participation fee is € 100 per registered person.

The objective of this championship is to promote and diffuse the Argentine tango in its dimension danced with the general public.


The association “Tango en Seine” is at the origin of the organization, the programming, and the realization of the championship of France 2018.

The person in charge will take care of the respect of the provisions of this regulation.

The organization is not responsible for delays or other unforeseen events that may occur at the time of the contest.

All participants of the championship commit themselves to be present at the events planned by the organization – possible interviews by radio or television.

The organization has the power to have the order of the benefits of the participants and their modalities, such as the amount of passage of each couple.

All participants must be on site at the times specified in the convocation.

People in the organization will not be able to enter the contest.

The organization uses as a means of communication the site of the Tango association in Seine and any other means of dissemination such as leaflets and e-mails.


Registration and participation in the championship is effective after the payment of the rights of € 100 per person for all categories .. Interested parties can register until November 30 included.

The inscription can be carried out by Internet on the site or directly with the responsible Patrice CHAINET in 00 33 6 19 45 21 03.

Couples can be of any nationality and participants must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the competition.

All participants must confirm their registration after acceptance of the organization by enclosing a valid ID.

Any invalid registration will be disqualified.


The championship will take place in 3 stages on 2 days.

1st step: The classification 3 of 6 November 2021

All registrants in the specified category will participate in the classification. Couples with the highest number of points will compete in the semifinal or final.

2nd stage: The semifinal 7 of November 2021

Couples who have won between 1st and 8th place will be eligible for the final.

3rd stage: The final 7 of November 2021

The selected couples will participate in the semi-final.

The participants of Tango Salón will dance 3 recorded themes chosen by the organization.

The organization is entitled to eliminate from the competition participants who:

-do not comply with the provisions of this Regulation

-which would show during the event, any political sign, religious or other sign that would alter the course of the contest.


The jury is chosen by the organization. Participants accept it upon registration. Each performance will be counted by each member of the jury on a scale of 1 to 10 according to the parameters described below. From the accounts obtained, an average will be calculated on all the points divided by the number of members of the jury.

The jury will select for each category the winning couple. In the event of a tie, the couples will have to dance the number of necessary themes until the jury chooses the winning couple.

In the TANGO SALON category, each member of the jury will be based on 4 evaluation criteria:

1 Abrazo and quality of walking

2 Tango technique

3 Improvisation and space management

4 Rhythm and interpretation


For all styles, dress and presence will be taken into account in the evaluation parameters.

Couples can consist of one man and one woman, two men or two women.

1 / Tango Salón


Execution and interpretation of social tango in an improvised way.

Once formed, the couple should not separate for the duration of the musical theme. This means that he will not have to break the abrazo, considered the position of the tango. The position of the abrazo is correct when it is constantly contained by both partners, it being understood that for specific figures only and in a specific way, the abrazo can be elastic. All movements must be performed in the space of the abrazo determined by the couple.

The jury will take into account the musicality and the style of walk, fundamental for the qualification.

The figures of popular use can be realized, including the barridas, sacadas on the ground, enrosques; etc.

Are totally excluded ganchos, jumps, carried or other figures specific to the Tango Scene. The couples will have to move like at the ball, counterclockwise without hindering the traffic.

No participant will be able to lift their legs beyond the knee line.


For the year 2021 financial rewards will be paid according to this scale:

The rewards are a total of € 3,000 for the winning couple of the tango salon final with the following count: 1,500 for each dancer in the couple.

For the category Tango Escenario the reward will be 1000 €

That’s 500 € for each dancer.

Many prizes will be offered by the sponsors for the couples having participated in the competition without reaching the first place.

Signatures of the competitors

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