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International Tango Championship

18 and 19 November 2023

Shows of Honor of the City of Levallois Perret

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Diego Amado, Jury President

Diego Amado, Jury President

Diego Amado is one of the best-known Argentine Tango dancers and choreographers on the French national scene.. He is an exceptional dancer who shines through the musicality and sensuality that emerges from his dance..

Three times finalist of the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires, he is required to work throughout Europe for weekend internships, festivals or seminars. Established for more 15 years in Marseille, he opens his
own dance school, entirely dedicated to Argentine tango, in 2014, on the Old Port.

More than a hundred students come each year to benefit from his teaching.

Recognized for his teaching qualities.

For information Tel: (33) 6 19 45 21 03 Mail :

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Michela Conti and Massimo Giarola

Congratulations to Michela Conti and Massimo Giarola for their victory in Track Tango.

They distinguished themselves and won the prestigious first prize in the Piste Tango category.. Their exceptional performance demonstrated a mastery and passion that resonates with the very essence of Argentine tango, thus propelling them to the forefront. This success illustrates not only their dedication and talent in the art of tango, but also rewards their hard work as dancers. Their journey from Italy to the top of this competition perfectly illustrates their commitment to dance and tango, making them inspiring figures in the world of Tango

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Michela Conti and Massimo Giarola
Sofia Kelleria and Emile Gayoso

Sofia Kelleria and Emile Gayoso

We send our warm congratulations to Sofia Kelleria and Emile Gayoso who brilliantly won the Tango Escenario competition. Their victory is the result of a captivating performance which placed them at the forefront of dancing couples in this artistic discipline and of everyday work.

Furthermore, Sofia and Emile were also crowned French Track Tango champions, adding another prestigious title to their list of achievements. This double victory testifies to their versatility and excellence in the world of tango. Their ability to perform Piste Tango with such ease and grace earned them the recognition of the jury..

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