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We wish to thank the Mayor of the 16th district to accommodate in its magnificent rooms of the honor of France Argentine Tango Championships.
The wealth of cultural and sports this joint is impressive.

We hope we will also contribute modestly to the bustling city


Argentine Tango Championships in France will take place on Sunday 9 In December 2018 in honor rooms of the Town Hall of the 16th Arrondissement. . Three special events will mark this day. Access to this day for spectators is free.

  • 71 Avenue Henri Martin-   Paris 75016

                   Concours "The most beautiful walk in Heels"

                                1 000€ to the winner

15H at 4:30 p.m.

A sovereign jury will select the winners of the year 2018

Registration fees:  30€ per competitor

Link to registration:                                      

                   The championships of France of Argentine Tango :

                                    3 000The winning couple €

The competition takes place from 17H to 19H

We wished that this evening is the Tango festival for everyone

 Registration fees:  60€ per competitor and therefore total of € 120 per couple

Link to registration:  

                      Grand Ballroom Tango 19H to 23H30.                                    

The access to our Free Event.

Registration for the Great Milonga now are subject to cancellations.

Only candidates 2 contest will be admitted without reservation.

Those wishing to participate at the ball