Les membres du Jury 2022

Les Membres du Jury

           Les membres du Jury pour l’année 2022

     3 finalistes du Mundial de Buenos Aires et un couple Champion International de TangoEscenario


Rodriguez Carlos  et Rodriguez Brigita


Carlos Rodriguez et Brigita

Brigita Rodriguez  In 2004 finished her Master‘s degree studies at the Lithuanian Music Academy, faculty of Theatre and Cinema as a professional actress- dancer and choreographer. Started dancing Argentine tango 22 years ago.

Carlos Rodriguez  danced non-stop for 26 years and has experience as a traditional family that loves to dance tango. Studing acting in the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, faculty of Theatre and Cinema, as the actor.

We are also regular teachers of Argentinian tango in the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy.

2020 European Tango Contest 2020, Munster, Champions Tango Escenario

2019 Champions of Preliminary UK Londres Championship-Tango de Pista and Tango Stage

2019 Finalist of Word Tango Championship 2019- Tango de Pista

2016 Champions of Argentinian Tango Baltic Open Cup – Tango de Pista and Tango Vals

Carlos Rodriguez et Brigita