Rules in English : Walk on Heels


The association Tango en Seine, represented by its President Patrice Chainet organizes the contest of “The most beautiful walk on heels” 2021. The participation fee is set at € 50 per registered person.

The objective of this contest is to highlight the beauty of walking on heels.


The association “Tango en Seine” is at the origin of the organization, programming, and this competition from 2018. The person in charge will take care of the respect of the provisions of this regulation.

The organization is not responsible for delays or other unforeseen events that may occur at the time of the contest.

All contest participants commit themselves to be present at the events planned by the organization – any interviews by radio or television.

The organization has the power to have the order of the benefits of the participants and their modalities, such as the amount of passages.

All participants must be on site at the times specified in the notice.

The organization uses as a means of communication the site of the Tango association in Seine and any other means of dissemination such as leaflets and e-mails.


Registration and participation in the contest are effective after the payment of the rights of 50 € per person. The inscription can be carried out by Internet on the site or directly with the responsible Patrice CHAINET in 06 19 45 21 03.

Participants may be of any nationality and must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the competition.

All participants must confirm their registration after acceptance of the organization by enclosing a valid ID.

Any invalid registration will be disqualified.


The contest will take place in 2 stages on 1 day.

1st step: The classification

All registrants will participate in the classification.

2nd stage: The final

Will participate the first 8 selected.

The organization is entitled to eliminate from the competition participants who:

-do not comply with the provisions of this Regulation

-which would show during the event, any political sign, religious or other sign that would alter the course of the contest.


The jury is chosen by the organization. The participants accept it as soon as they are registered. Each performance will be counted by each member of the jury on a scale of 1 to 10 according to the parameters described below. From the accounts obtained, an average will be calculated on all the points divided by the number of members of the jury.

The jury will select the winner.

Each member of the jury will be based on the evaluation criteria:

– Improvisation and space management

– Dress code

– Musicality and style of walking


The candidate will have to walk towards the jury by doing, if he wishes, original steps inspired by Argentine tango. Once in front of the platform, he or she will have to go around it and then climb the two steps and go down on the other side before rounding and then leave in the same way as when he arrived at the back of the room.


The organization will give a cup to the happy elected or the lucky one elected.

For the year 2021 a financial reward of € 1,000 will be paid to the winner.

Many prizes will be offered by sponsors to participants.


Signature of the candidate